Thursday, May 26, 2005

I can't believe how fast this week has gone! It seems I have done nothing but run all and fro, hither and yon. Yon was pretty fun, as was hither;-)

Joseph and I went up to the Scholastic Warehouse Book sale on Tuesday. $50 for $140 worth of books. Not too shabby. I picked up a few books for him to read next fall (holy crap, my baby is going to be a NINTH grader!) along with some for me to read, and a few he wanted for the summer. I took the 9th grade reading list along, but they didn't have any of the listed books. That's ok, I think I probably already have most of them. Black Like Me, The Good Earth and All Quiet On The Western Front are 3 of the listed books. I know I have The Good Earth....I read it again last summer.

I hit both Kohls and Old Navy for clearance sales this week. Lots of adorable tee shirts at Kohls....and I picked Joseph up a pair of jeans for $10 at Old Navy.....along with some track pants for both Chris and me, and a very cute blue floral skirt for me. I think I will wear skirts instead of shorts this summer. They look a lot better on me:/ With the skirts, you can't see that damn cellulite. ICK.

Chris went to the Giants game with Kevin last night.....and got sick on the way home. He tested when he got home, and he wasn't that low......I think it was something he ate. We just don't eat so much junk as we did before, and I don't think his tummy can handle it anymore.

Saturday is the big family reunion........I look forward to seeing most everyone.....but if Dick makes another comment about 'chubby cousin Shelly' I will tell him to go to hell. Back story......I am about 5'7" or so.....and when I was a teenager and a young married, I wore a size 3. I looked anorexic. Now that I am a more normal 10/12......he has the balls to call me chubby? I don't think so:/

Anyway, I am going to Costco tomorrow to pick up some goodies to take along.....and I have to remember to buy more film.

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Pez said...

Ask Dick why he suits his name so well then give him a swift kick in the shins!