Thursday, February 05, 2004

UGH. I am so glad I hadn't made reservations for anywhere next week:/ DH (and I DON'T mean dear husband right now:/) asks me tonight if I can take the truck tomorrow and have front tires put on. I told him that we can do it next week, since he's on vacation. He looks at me like he has no friggin idea WHAT I'm talking about. "Vacation? What do you mean? " Uh, DEAR.....the vacation you told me you signed up for last month. You we can celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary??? NOW he says he doesn't know for sure if he gets it off, but he will ask tomorrow. Hello? I feel like telling him not to freaking bother:/ He can take the Volvo to work next Monday and I'll go buy his effing tires.......then I'll take myself out to dinner. I also have a bottle of Perriet Jouet Flowers champagne in the fridge.....I will have to open THAT and toast myself too. Maybe I'll buy myself a nice anniversary gift while I'm at it. I doubt he'll even remember anyway. Can you tell I'm a touch pissed? Ok, whine over:/

On a lighter was sad seeing Rudy voted off tonight, but I am just glad Ethan is still there. It was touching to see them all in tears when Rudy left though:(
PLEASE let Richard's tribe lose so his naked ass can get voted off next!

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