Friday, February 06, 2004

I'm packed and ready for my flight tomorrow......I can't wait to see everyone.

Chris had a voice mail at work this morning from #1 son......'the forgotten son' as he referred to himself. He called him and talked for a half hour. Jason is living in Seattle, and has a girlfriend. Chris said it was a really good talk. Jason is in AA....he has stopped drinking~~~~Thank You God~~~~and is in therapy. He said the new woman in his life is very supportive of him. I hope so. I want him to be a whole person again. He is a good soul, but has so many problems.

He asked about Kaya.......and Chris told him the whole story about the last time we had her, and everything that happened.
Jason told his dad that HE got a Christmas card from Kaya/Kezia....and that Kezia said she was living in NOVATO (she told us Mill Valley) but she was moving back to San Francisco. I think I will take a drive over there, possibly sometime next week, and see if they are back in the apartment Kelso has. Apparently Kezia told Jason a bunch of lies.....Chris set him straight on what the truth of the matter is. He also told him how malnourished Kaya was when we got her.....and how much weight she gained. He told him all the shit Kezia pulled, which Jason said he could believe. I guess she called Jason's girlfriend on Christmas Eve.....she was very pleasant for about 20 minutes, then went on a rampage, calling the girl names, etc. The girl ( I don't even know her name.....) finally hung up on Kezia......then Kelso called her back, yelling at her, telling her how DARE she call and upset Kezia on Christmas Eve. The girl, bless her heart ( I like her already....she stood up to both crazy people) told Kelso that KEZIA called HER, and not to call again.

It was weird that he called the day before I am to go up there though. I am not ready to see him yet. I hope he doesn't show up at the concert. I don't know him anymore.....I don't know what he might do. If he goes through a 12 step program, one of the things he will have to do is to apologize to people he has hurt. I just don't know what I will do if and when that happens. There is no hurt in the world like what a child can do to you.

Changing the subject......Chris DOES have next week off. I don't know what we're doing though........

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