Sunday, February 22, 2004

I love Restoration Hardware. Really. Where else can you spend $35 on cleaning products? Beach House is the smells so good. I almost look forward to mopping the kitchen floor tomorrow. Almost.

I am just glad I have to drive almost an hour to get to a Restoration........I could be in serious trouble if they build one here;)

Pottery Barn is another place. *Sigh* I love to look there (or in the catalogue) then go to Target to buy:) Then there is Crate and Barrel......and Williams Sonoma. I just have champagne taste on a beer budget......but it IS fun to look.

Joseph sang with the teen choir again at Mass this evening. I am surprised at how much he likes it....or maybe I'm not. The reason he *really* likes it is named Heidi. She is an adorable little blonde. I saw her give him a hug when we left. Oh hell, it is starting. My baby, lol. I think she is an 'older woman' least 14. She is his first real crush I think, besides Brittany. Gawd help me;-)

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