Monday, February 02, 2004

Random thoughts.....

I am seriously sick of Janet Jackson's boob. Every time I turn on the telly, there it is. I have seen better in my day, lol. I knew it wasn't an accident. I did like Justin Timberlakes 'wardrobe malfunction' line yesterday though. Wardrobe malfunction my ass;-) I am wondering how and when I can use the term 'wardrobe malfunction'. Heh.

Someone stop me....I want to start spring cleaning now. Its too early, and not nearly warm enough. Its hard to open the windows when its pouring rain and the wind is howling. I do want to get some stuff done before Confirmation at the end of March. I definitely need to repaint the front porch. In the meantime, I'll just content myself with looking at organizing tips in magazines, and getting all my cleaning supplies up to date. I love this stuff:
Its pricey but it works well and smells oh so good.

Chris is off all next week. Our anniversary is next Monday. I need to start thinking about it. I should be excited about it, after all, 30 years is nothing to sneeze at! I can't believe I am even OLD enough to have been married 30 boggles the mind. I still don't know what we're going to do. Probably just go out for dinner. I want a party. That won't happen:/

I loved Survivor last night! It is felt like I was seeing old friends again. I get entirely too involved in that show. Ethan is still adorable and huggable (and young enough to be my son, LOL) Colby still looks DAMN good. What eyes! Richard Hatch is an arrogant bastard. Rupert is a scared kid there. Lex is Lex. I love reading his article in the paper when we go to Santa Cruz. He would be a blast to hang out with. Maybe I'll go see his band play sometime.

And now....its about bedtime.....

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