Wednesday, February 09, 2005

31 years ago today, early in the morning, 2 teenagers got in their rented Pinto (which Chris' uncle had to rent, since Chris was underage) and drove to Reno. Their witnesses, Kathy (my best friends) and Al (his cousin), rode along.

As the car pulled into Reno, it got a flat tire...right in front of the marriage licsense building. While Al fixed the flat, we went in and got our liscense.

Since our hotel room wasn't ready yet, we changed into our wedding clothes at a gas station. Then it was off to St Thomas Aquinas Cathedral for the short ceremony. There were just the 5 of us there.....the two of us, our witnesses and the priest. In just a few minutes, we went from 2 kids barely out of high school to a married couple!

His family gave us a year, tops.

Think we've proved them wrong yet?


Pez said...

You sure have proven them wrong! Happy 31st Anniversary!

DMouse007 said...

I'm sorry I'm late..........Happy Anniversary!!