Friday, January 28, 2005

Its Friday:-)

The past couple of days have been 'same old same old around' here. Otherwise known as boring;-)

I've started my early spring cleaning. I have been working in the den/guest room....going through the closet and throwing a bunch of stuff out. Unfortunately, all this damn cleaning/dusting has stirred up something in the air and my allergies are back in full force. My friggin eyes are so itchy. I have rubbed them until the eyelids are swollen and I look like I have 2 black eyes:/ Time for Claritin. I can't wear makeup when I have a flareup I really look scary;)

I need to clean the filter in the heat system. That will help big time.

I went to Kohls today......80% clearance prices. I picked up 3 sweaters for me, 2 shirts for Joseph and 2 bracelets, 2 pair of earrings and a lipgloss/nail polish kit for me. Grand total....$39 and change. Not bad. I need to go back over and pick up some jeans for both Chris and Joseph.

Tonight was pizza night. Chris met us at Round Table on his way home from work......he actually got there earlier than I though he would. He got off a bit earlier than he expected, and Friday traffic wasn't horrible.

Today started the big project out at work. He will not have a day off for close to 2 months now:/ He has his alarm set for 3:45 in the morning.......I hope he manages to get through this without getting sick.

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Pez said...

Great deals at Kohl's! WOW!

And that sucks about Chris and work. I hope he doesn't run himself ragged, Shelly.