Monday, January 10, 2005

Roller Coaster Weekend

What a few days it has been.

I spent all Friday worried sick about brother Geoff. I thought for sure he was going to end it all. He is such a freaking baby. He actually sent me an apologetic tell me goodbye, basically. Then he disappeared for a few hours. I finally got through to him, and 'talked him down' so to speak. He kept telling me that Sandra & the boys hate him and he has nothing to live for without them. What bullshit.

I tried a little tough love on him, and it seems to have worked. For one thing, I told him that his is not the first marriage to end. The end of a marriage does not mean the end of a life. When he started in about the boys, I reminded him that I have not spoken to MY older son in over 2 years.....and that yes, it hurts like hell, but that it is something you have to just deal with. Anyway, I don't know what I said that helped, but he seems to be better now. I'm glad, but I would like to kick his ass for the way he has been acting:
Saturday was a better day. First we undecorated the house. I took both trees down and took all the stuff down in the house, and Chris took down all the outside lights and decorations. My house looks so bare now.
We went up to Sacramento in the afternoon so I could go to the Scholastic Warehouse sale, then went to the Galleria so Joseph could go to Borders and use his gift cards. I ended up spending $40 myself.....mostly on magazines.

I got home Saturday night to an email from Casey telling me that the hotel everyone is staying at has been I spent time on the phone on Sunday changing my reservation. I actually like the hotel we will be staying at better than the first.

Sunday was youth group, choir practice for Joseph, then Mass. One of the Eucharistic Ministers didn't show up, and Kathy wanted me to EM......but I just didn't feel like it. I was still too stressed about all the crap with Geoff. At least she told me what to do next time if I am giving the wine, and I run out, like happened last weekend!

Today was errand day. I went to the grocery store, to pay a couple of bills, and to Target. I then spent the rest of the day cleaning. Now, I am tired and ready for bed.

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