Saturday, January 01, 2005


2005. Wow. I hope it is a good year for everyone:)

Joseph played at the family Mass on Christmas Eve. They sounded really good. It is so much nicer to have music at Mass, and especially the teens. They really enjoy playing and singing. It brings a much needed shot in the arm to Mass.

Christmas was nice. It was great to go to Sheri's for dinner. It was especially nice not to have to cook Christmas dinner:-) Joseph freaked when he saw his guitar, LOL. I don't know if he really had any idea he was going to get it or not. He took it along to Sheri's and played for all:) His new amp is something else. 65 watts(?) I still don't know why we had to get such a big one;)

We rested the day after Christmas then went to R& E's on the 27th for Joseph's birthday. I can't believe my baby is 14. Where has the time gone? It seems like yesterday he was on my lap :*( I am so lucky. He is such a good boy, and still very loving. He kisses us hello/goodbye and goodnight. And gives hugs. Even in front of people.

Tuesday morning we got up early and headed to Disneyland. I am worse than any little kid there, I swear. I want to see and do everything! I told them it was Joseph's birthday, so he wore a birthday sticker all day Wednesday.......and I bought him a 'birthday bucket' that included a personal sized birthday cake and a small stuffed birthday Pooh. It was nice of him to indulge his Mom;)

New Years Eve was quiet. We drove home from Disneyland, and all of us have colds, so we were asleep by 11:30, lol. That's ok.....champagne keeps. We opened it for dinner tonight. We had our traditional New Year's dinner......ham, cabbage, potatoes and black eyed peas. Yum:-)

I have to email brother Geoff:/ He emailed while we were gone and asked if I want my mom's old secretaire. (since he is losing his house, etc) He has had it since Dad died....... I do want it. It dates from the 1930s, and I have always wanted it. I am not going to feel bad about taking it either. I feel sorry that he is going through so much crap, but he brought it on himself. Hopefully this is rock bottom, and things will look up for him. Maybe he will even get back together with his wife, if he gets the help he needs.

On a good note.....I made my plane reservations for later this month for Seattle. Casey and I are flying to Seattle then driving to Vancouver for the weekend of the 13th. It is her birthday, and we will be seeing the boys play in Vancouver. I am so looking forward to it! It will be my first trip to Canada:)

My New Years Wish

I wish for peace. I wish for health, laughter, love and happiness for all:-)

I wish you joy.

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Pez said...

Happy New Year, Shelly! Sounds like you had a nice Christmas holiday!