Tuesday, January 04, 2005

UGH. It drives me crazy when Chris has a Monday off. Today has felt like Monday to me all day:/

Chris and I went down to see Geoff yesterday. He really is a mess. His BP is way up and they can't get it down. He just sits and cries. Part of me feels sorry for him, but a bigger part wants to tell him to grow the fuck up......that he is 47 years old and his is NOT the first marriage to fall apart. He found out where wifey went, and is trying to get in touch with her. She is no saint either. I think the way she left was shitty........sneaking away like nothing was wrong. She left that morning like she always did.....like she was going to work. Apparently, she had quit the day before though. From what he said, I have a feeling she met someone else. I don't know though. I do wish she would speak to him and tell him what is going on. He kept crying, saying he doesn't want to die alone. *Sigh* Unfortunately, they are both losers:/ I hate to say that about my own brother, but it is the truth.

Like I said before, today feels like a Monday......I almost forgot I had CCD this afternoon!

I went and got my hair trimmed (so I can colour it tomorrow......damn grey roots are screaming at me)

I had to get the lesson plan together for this afternoon......it was about freedom, and lack of it.....and about justice. Trying to teach some of these kids about compassion is all but impossible. It is really sad. I asked them if any of them had ever stood up for someone who was being treated unjustly. They looked at me like I had 2 heads. I asked them if they thought there were people around the world who didn't have what they have.....they looked at me like I had 2 heads:/ *Sigh*

We talked about things that have happened lately....like the tsunami, and what we (they) can do to help. Most of them acted like they didn't even care about that:( They were too busy making fun of the one boy in class who is different. Some of these kids are so insulated. There were only a couple who mentioned sending money (or clothes) and only one who said to pray for the victims.

I guess I am feeling frustrated. I know these kids can't be as spoiled as they act......and as uncaring....


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Pez said...

Shelly, I am sorry again about your brother. I hope he can pull it together.

And I am even sorrier to hear about the kids at CCD. I will pray for them.