Thursday, January 20, 2005

Only The Beginning

Its going to be a LONG month and a half or so. There is a big project at work. Chris will be working long hours. He already is.

Unfortunately, he is also being a grumpy prick. Already.

He came home from work about 15 minutes ago.......and instead of eating the chili I had made, he poured a bowl of cereal. Why, I asked. Because the chili had been turned off 30 minutes before he got home, wasn't piping hot and had a 'crust' on it. Oh, but why not give it a stir and throw it in the microwave? Oh hell no, that would be too much trouble. "I worked 15 hours today and expect a decent meal when I get home, and not this disgusting mess" WTF????? He has never said shit like that in 30 years! He sounds like fucking Fred Flinstone with an attitude.

Since Joseph and I ate at 6, it is a little hard to keep food warm for another 2 hours.

I know he's tired.....but that is no reason to say shit like that. I am beyond pissed. Its going to be hard to be supportive if he keeps this crap up. I wish I was going somewhere this weekend. He can keep his shitty attitude to himself. If he doesn't like what I have for dinner, maybe he can fix his own damn meals after work, or eat dinner OUT THERE.

I have to remember that someone called me beautiful a few days ago...........


Pez said...

Sounds like Chris needs a little FPT, Shelly! Grrr!

Glad your trip to Vancouver was so fun. Do you still have leftover candy?

Shelly said...

He already apologised, but Iwill keep the frying pan handy;)

I do still have candy left....but I am running low;)

DMouse007 said...

Sounds very familiar...the Baron has been known to act like that.

Definitly keep that frying pan in plain view.

Shelly said...

The frying pan is sitting on the counter, ready to go;-)