Thursday, January 06, 2005

It has been cold and foggy all day. There is supposed to be a huge rainstorm coming in late tonight/early tomorrow. Chris will probably take my car, just because he prefers it in the rain. The headlights in the 'tank' aren't as bright, and the wipers are slower. It works out ok. If I need to run to the store...(or to Kohls for their 70% off sale) I can take the tank.

Joseph still has that damn cold. Poor guy. He and Chris keep passing it back and forth. He's finally on the mend, but still has a cough at night & a bit of a stuffy nose. Luckily, no fever or anything. I don't know if it has anything to do with being a teenager, but he will NOT just rest and get over it:/

I made my room reservations for Vancouver :-D I am so excited about it. Of course, the shows will be great, but I am so looking forward to sightseeing. The guys will be busy most of the day, so Casey and I can explore. Its good having a shopping buddy;-) I hope Linda will be able to go.....I haven't heard anything though. I also wonder if Deborah and baby hubby will go.....and maybe Kim & Lori. It would be great if they all came up. We have so much fun together:) Of course, it could be really interesting if Deborah & baby hubby come;-) Why do I call him baby hubby? Well, Deborah is 49.....and he is either 28 or 29. I know he is younger than Jason (my older son). hubby, or as S calls him....junior hubby;-)

Well, time to check the meatloaf.....

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Pez said...

You are coming to town just in time for the next snowstorm! Vancouver has a lot of snow too right now. Bring your woolies!