Friday, January 21, 2005

Is it Friday already?

Not much going on here today. I ran a few errands while Joseph was doing some schoolwork. I went to Target to pick up a 'couple' of things. $70 later, I walked out the door. I can not go into that store and spend less than $20. I don't know why.

Chris had another late night at work, so Joseph and I went to Round Table and got a pizza. We brought home leftovers for Chris' dinner.....but first made a stop at Big Lots. There went another $50. I can't help it....eveything is so cheap, lol. I got some Pebbles Flintstone and some Tom and Jerry underwear. So grown up, lol. I'm sure every 50 year old wears it;-) Who cares......its cute and I like it. Besides, no one but me sees it anyway.

The new season of Monk premiered tonight. I think I will like his new assistant:)

Chris has the weekend off.....probably the last one for a while. I think he wants to go to the sportsmens show in Sacramento tomorrow. I can usually find some fun brochures to read, anyway. ....and there are interesting vacation ideas.


THE Sarah said...

I want Tom and Jerry Undies!..... Noone sees your undies but you? you poor thing ;P

Shelly said...

The Tom & Jerry undies are VERY cute;-)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like me at Wal-Mart, that evil, evil store. The other day, I was to go in and purchase what I needed from the grocery section -- quickly.

Ha! I saw some clearance toys near the checkout aisles, and that was it. I was doing so well, too. I went to the toy department and found some great deals for next Christmas. Gah.

Evil One