Thursday, January 13, 2005

All my bags are packed....I'm ready to go.

I'm out of here today for a long weekend. I am so grateful that Joseph is old enough to be home alone for a few hours! I am also grateful that he is such a responsible kid. He has his schoolwork to do, then it is guitar all day;)

The neighbor is home in case of emergency, and Chris is a phone call away. He will be getting off early both today and tomorrow....and he has Monday off. I think they are planning on going to the RV show on Saturday. Chris wants to look at Airstreams. *Sigh*
We need to win the lottery to buy one of *those*, lol.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a grand weekend.

Vancouver, here I come!


Anonymous said...

RV show! Sigh. I am jealous. It's not like I attend RV shows or am an expert in such matters, but I would like to be, and I want one, dammit.

Have fun. Also, I am jealous that your kid is old enough to stay alone for a few hours. I am jealous and I am not, because then I know that they will be that much closer to being big people. Sigh.

Okay, this blog entry of yours is just adding to my nagging desire to do another ROAD TRIP. Like, now. RIGHT FREAKING NOW.

Anonymous said...

Have fun, eh!

Pez said...

I think I posted an anonymous comment this time I will say it again with my name:

Have fun, eh!

Chris said...

Have fun!!!