Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Random Thoughts For Tuesday

It stopped raining today!

That is big news, believe me. I was beginning to think we should build an ark.
We have been pretty lucky around here, relatively. Our back yard is a bog, but that is the worst thing. My town was on the news today because the wind knocked over some fences and threw some patio furniture around. The people who were interviewed thought it was a tornado. Who knows? The weather has been so bizarre lately, anything is possible.

I finally remembered to make car rental reservations for Thursday. Gotta love Enterprise:)

We had CCD this afternoon. It was quite an improvement from last week. The kids all seemed receptive to the lesson, and I didn't hear one smart assed remark;)

A friend of mine is sick:( I am very worried about her. If you are a praying person, please say a prayer.

Tomorrow I have to pack. I still don't know what to take! So much for packing lists. All they are good for are the basics (undies, toiletries, makeup) I still have to decide what to wear.

One more prayer request.......not only for the victims of the tsunami, but for those in southern California.......especially those who live in the town where they had a horrible mudslide yesterday......

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Pez said...

Prayers sent, Shelly. It was unbelieveable watching that mudslide on the news. I heard this morning that they found 10 bodies buried in the mud. :(