Monday, September 11, 2006

goodbye scott

Now there is another reason for me to mourn 9/11

Theresa's dad died this morning. He has been in a coma for 2 weeks, ever since he crashed his dirt bike.

Theresa told me tonight that she and her two older sisters, Lauren and Molly, were with him all morning. They got to talk to him, tell him they loved him, comfort him etc. When they told him it was ok if he went, he took a deep breath, let it out and was gone. She said it was like he was waiting for them to give him permission. I know that feeling, it was the same thing that my dad did.

Theresa said that it was peaceful, that he was at peace. She said she had never ever seen her dad so peaceful.

The funeral will most likely be next week.

Scott leaves behind his wife Florence, and kids, Shawna, Lauren, Molly, Dane, Theresa, Audrey and Helen. He also leaves behind one granddaughter.


Kimmer said...

I'm so sorry, Shelly--you've really been going through a lot lately.

Pez said...

I am so sorry, Shelly.

evil said...

How very, very sad, Shelly.

A comfort to those around him that he seemed to be in peace. You are a good friend.

Robin said...


Marlene said...

I am so sorry Shelly.