Tuesday, September 12, 2006

tuesday. like monday, only a day later.

Joseph got his hair cut today. When I get the film delveloped, I'll post before and after pictures. What a difference. He doesn't look so much like Jack Osbourne now;-) He hated people saying that, but he did look like him, especially with his fedora on.

I got mine cut too. Well, trimmed anyway. There will be no before and after pics of me ;-P

Joseph has been down the street all evening talking with the Krebs kids. Dane is back home again...I guess he got in today. He was home right after Scott's accident, but had to leave last Monday.

Joseph just came in. Flo wants to take them all to Taco Bell. Normally I would say no (it's after 9) but under the circumstances, I let him go. I think it is good for the kids to have someone to talk to about *normal* stuff right now, and Flo really loves him. We've joked about he and Theresa getting married.

Tomorrow he and I are off to Pismo Beach for a few days. After all that has happened lately, it is really important for us to spend time with Chris. Family is the most important thing. You never know when something can be taken away from you.


jill said...

You are so very right, family IS what it's all about. I hope you are holding up well with all the activity surrounding you. I am sorry for your friends family and your loss. My thoughts are with you and wishing you a safe journey and home again.

Pez said...

Shelly, family *is* the most important thing.

Enjoy your time in Pismo Beach.