Tuesday, October 31, 2006

high on snickers

(I have been a bad blogger. I have good intentions, but life gets in the way. I'll try and be better, really I will.)

Happy Halloween. I am currently suffering from chocolate overload, otherwise known as one Hershey's over the line. It's all good though.

Joseph decided to go out trick or treating tonight. This morning, he said he was too old, but Theresa and Audrey wanted him to go with them, so he magically became young again;-) He was a rock and roll zombie. He did his makeup, and looked pretty scary. In fact, when Cindy brought the 2 girls and Andrew (after Joseph go back home), Andrew was scared of him. He loves Joseph normally, LOL, but would have nothing to do with him in costume;-)

We got back from Pismo last night. I really enjoy going down there, but admit the travel is getting to me. We are going down every other week, and I am getting confused as to where I am supposed to be, what I am supposed to be doing...what needs to be done where. Chris has a list of what needs to be done when I get down there. I make sure all his needs are taken care of....then come home and discover we are out of milk here! *sigh*
I am becoming dependent on my agenda. If I don't write it down, it doesn't get done. I have something I need to mail....and I WILL hopefully get it mailed this week , Denine;-)

This month has been particularly hard. Chris has been working 7 days a week, and even when we go to visit, he hasn't been able to spend a lot of time with us. Luckily there is a lot of shopping to be done there ;-0 The thrift shops are particularly fun. This week I found a pair of black leather Bandolino knee high boots for $3.99 :)

Saturday he managed to get off work about 11 am, so we took a drive down to Santa Barbara. What a beautiful place! We didn't get to spend a whole lot of time there (we definitely need to go back) but we did go to the Mission http://www.californiamissions.com/cahistory/santabarbara.html and did some shopping downtown.

Yesterday when Joseph and I left to come home, we stopped at Avila Valley Barn http://www.avilavalleybarn.com/history.html and bought our pumpkin, along with some squash for cooking. I think I will make spaghetti squash for dinner tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow....they are supposed to set Ana's preliminary hearing tomorrow morning:(


Kimmer said...

Hey, good to see you again! Yay for Joseph getting into the spirit of things!

I know what you mean about not being sure if you're coming or going, and what you're supposed to do once you get there. It seems like every time I get into the car, I start to drive down the street, then stop and think, "Now, which direction do I go and where do I want to end up?"

Robin said...

The twins where party poopers. They where going to be Jason and victim but decided not to be anything. So they just stayed home and handed out candy.

Glad to see you :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Shelly. Sounds like life is pretty crazy for you these days. No worries about the mail. I am patient and can wait. You can wait until the ornament swap too if that is more convenient for you.

Cool beans on your thift shop shopping.

Best wishes for this morning with Ana.