Wednesday, December 06, 2006


There was a bench dedication today at the school where my friend Ana's daughter Jennifer attended. After her death last June, her classmates raised money (a penny for Jenny) and raised enough for a beautiful concrete bench.

The kids raised so much money that there is almost $2000 left. It is in a savings account until 2012, when her class will be seniors, and they will give out the first memorial scholarship in her name to a former student from Brown's Valley. Cool, huh.

There is a plaque on the back of the bench with her name and a quote ( I didn't get a chance to see the quote, and Joseph can't remember what it says:/)

Anyway, a local nursery donated a tree that is planted next to the bench in her memory.

Today, her 6th grade teacher, some of her classmates and some of the moms got together for a dedication. Joseph and I went too. Her teacher said a few words about her, one of her classmates read a poem, and the string orchestra of which she was a part played a beautiful piece.

It was very touching.

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Pley said...

Sounds like a beautiful ceremony, Shelly.