Wednesday, December 27, 2006

my baby boy is 16!

How did that happen?

Today was Joseph's birthday. He is actually old enough to get a driver's license! He isn't getting one yet, but he's old enough. *sigh*

He went over to his buddy's house for band practice this afternoon, then we went out for pizza (His favorite meal). John, Kathy and Derek met us there. It was a nice evening. Pizza and beer for the adults, and soda for the boys. I brought his cake to the pizza place & we sang (very loudly.....embarrassing him is part of the celebration)

He opened his gifts when we got home. We bought him a tweed 3/4 length coat. It fits his 'look.'
We also got him an ukelele. A real one. It sure sounds different than the toy one he has now. when we get to Pismo Beach tomorrow, I'll go to the music store where Chris got the uke and get a music book for it.

We're leaving tomorrow for Pismo Beach until next Tuesday. I will be making New Year's dinner there this year.

It was so nice having Chris home for Christmas. It felt so relaxing. Now, it's back to the travel grind. We have been having some really windy weather the past few days. I wonder if the surf will be high down there? I'll take he camera in case it is.


Robin said...

Yes, pictures of the surf would be great!

Happy Bday little, I mean big man!

The twins aren't driving at 16 either.

Pley said...

Happy Birthday, Joseph! I can't believe he's driving age either, mom. These kids are growing up MUCH too quickly.

Beth said...

Happy Birthday Joseph!

jill said...

Happy Birthday Joseph!, and all the best of the holiday season to you Shelly! It sounds like you are getting a bit of spoiling that you deserve!!!

Robin said...

Happy New Year :)

evil said...

I love reading about your adventures.

Happy day to Joseph, you, and Dad. :-)

Fish said...

When did these kids get so grown up! Beth has a bigun, and MY bigun will be 18 also in a couple of months and she finished high school early.

Am I really that old?

Pez said...

Oh Shelly! Where are you? It's been weeks and weeks.

Pley said...

Shelly - hubby and I are coming to California on Sunday, and will be there for a week! Are you anywhere near southern California (like south of LA)???

Let me know soon - we leave in less than 48 hours! My email addy is pritchnet at sbcglobal dot net. :)

Shelly said...


New blog address:

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