Sunday, March 06, 2005

I love Kohls. (Not as much as I love my new Dyson, but close, lol) I especially love their clearance sales. Especially when the sale is 80-90% off regular price. I love great deals.

I went into Kohls on Friday morning to get a new griddle. I didn't get the griddle, but only because I couldn't carry it alng with the other great deals I got.

Here are the great deals:)

black leather knee high boots
black dress heels
1 wool newsboy cap that either Joseph or I can wear
pair of socks
khaki pants for me
pair of jeans for Joseph
blue pullover sweater
red cardigan
black cashmere sweater (pullover)
2 pair of knit gloves (red and black)
2 pair of earrings
set of nail polish/lip gloss

Grand total: $44.61

The boots alone were reguarly $99, and the cashmere was $78. Dayum.

There were so many great deals, I had to go back last night to pick up the griddle.....along with 2 more pair of shoes for $3.oo each. Did I mention I am a shoe whore? Imelda Marcos has nothin on my shoe closet


Pez said...

OMG! What great deals!!!! I wish we had a Kohls near here. I used to love shopping there when I lived in Minneapolis.

tattooed heathen said...

That is awesome. I need to run to Kohls and see what great deals I can find.