Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Tuesday, Tuesday

Its Tuesday, but it feels like a Monday. It is also day 51 of non stop work for Chris. 51 days without a day off. Damn, I didn't realise it was that long already:/ He is just exausted. He still has no idea when he will get the unit back either. Our Disneyland trip may have to be postponed. We were going the week after Easter, but may have to put it off for another week or two. Good thing Ihaven't made reservations yet.

Today was the day for errand running. I ran to Dollar Tree to pick up some stuff for CCD, then to Target to buy The Incredibles, and a refill card for the Tracfone. How then did I manage to spend almost $70? Damn Target sales anyway;)

Joseph had guitar lessons at 2:30, then I taught CCD at 3:30. It was our last class before Easter, so we had sweets for the kiddoes and I had a bunch of projects for them to choose from.

The Weekend

This weekend, while Chris was busting his ass at work, Joseph and I went up to Tahoe for opening weekend for the boys at Harrahs. It was all around a great weekend. I got some news from Casey that warmed my heart:-)

I also got hit on. In front of my son. The guy was an idiot. ...with a capital I. He and his friend were backstage....he is a friend of JB.....although when JB heard what he did, he said the guy will not be back. Casey, Joseph and I were standing in the hall outside the green room, and he walks over, stands in front of me (too close in front....) and says, "let me guess...(pointing at me, then Casey, then Joseph) sister, sister, brother" Um, no. I toldh im, mother, son, friend, then he says (OK, hold the laughter please) "Well, you don't look a day over 24" ROFLMAO ( I can laugh) I just smiled and thanked him. 24??? Puhleeze. I know I don't look my age, but I sure as hell don't look more than HALF my age.

He said some other crap that I tried to ignore, and kept touching my arm. *shudder* He also was hitting on Casey, which is much more understandable. We finally went and 'hid' in Steve's dressing room. We kind of told Steve what was going on, but not detailed until we all left. Joey already didn't like the guy and was pretty much hiding out in his dressing room. El creepo and his friend left a few minutes before we all did.....most likely to the bar upstairs (like he needed another drink) I was glad he wasn't in the parking lot. I would have made someone walk Joseph and me to my car......

When Joey heard what creepo had been doing, he was livid. I think he would have kicked some ass if he had seen the guy.

Anyway,hopefully creep won't be back....at least backstage. Booboo and I are going back up on Friday.........and I may be able to meet a forum friend:-) Denise and her hubby are going to Reno.......I am trying to talk her into driving over for the show.

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Pez said...

Shelly, I hope that Chris gets some time off soon. Fifty-one days without a break is crazy!!

Sorry about the creep at Tahoe. I am glad to hear he won't be back.