Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Joseph won 4 tickets to this weekend's boat show in Sacramento.

He was listening to the radio while he did his school work, and there was a trivia question. "What was the name of the guitar Eric Clapton used on the song Layla" I guess they meant what he called it. *Shrug* Anyway, this guy calls in and said it was Blackie. They told him he was right, and he won. My son looks at me and says, "MOM THAT IS WRONG!" I laughed and asked him what the correct answer is. Brownie. That is the correct answer;-)

Anyway, I told him to email the station and let them know, so he did;) The DJ emailed him back, told him he was right and that there will be 4 tickets at the ticket booth for the boat show. Pretty cool, lol. I hope we can leave early enough to go before we head up to Tahoe.

My son, the music trivia freak;-)

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