Sunday, November 27, 2005

Remember when I went to see Paul McCartney in Sacramento? I know you do;-) Remember when I said Joseph held up his sign and Paul agknowledged it? Anyway, this is from a review on (a McCartney website) "After "English Tea" Paul gave his "peradventure" word lesson. A fan held up a sign that said "Peradventure" to which Paul joked, "That is just one more example of how the word is sweeping the nation." " That has to be about Joseph's sign!

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. We got back from Oregon yesterday, after spending Thanksgiving with Chris' brother. It was the first time they had spent Thanksgivinng together since they were kids. I think they both enjoyed it. It was nice to relax after getting all Roy & Eleanor's stuff moved from Santa Cruz (with a stop home to drop off my 'new' china cabinet. Yay!)

We had to leave the Uhaul at bro's house for him to take over and unload tomorrow though:/ Someone at the title company screwed up and didn't transfer the funds Wednesday when they should have, so R&E couldn't move into their new house yet. *sigh*

Other than the moving snafu, it was a nice few days. I did a little Black Friday shopping there, and picked up a few of joseph's gifts, though not the big ones I wanted to. We brought nephew Charlie back down with us so he could drive back up in the Toyota Roy gave him. It has been at our house for a week or so...maybe 2. I can't remember anymore;-)

The kids at youth choir practiced this afternoon for a couple of hours. The women's club wants then to perform on December 7.


Pez said...

Way cool about Joseph (A fan!) and his sign being mentioned on

Shelly said...

LOL, yeah, you know how pathetic I am to be thrilled about THAT;-)