Monday, April 03, 2006

amen and hallelujah

I got back last night from the L.A. Congress. It was so awesome. I am so glad I went for the whole thing this year.

Thursday was Youth Day. The kids had a ball. After the opening ceremonies, Cardinal Mahony said Mass in the morning, then we went to our workshops. We saw "The Bible Geek" Mark Hart. He was powerful. He is from Lifeteen When Josephine and I went to get his book afterwards, Joseph told me to tell Mark how much HE was touched by listening to him :*)

We also saw Father Tony Ricard from New Orleans. We heard him speak last year too. Thursday night we met with a couple of other parishes for pizza, then a 'social'. Joseph brought his guitar down, so he and Derek played for the other kids. I think they have their first groupies, LOL. After they played, 2 girls came up to them and told them how good they were, and asked if they are going to be playing in the battle of the bands at the Diocesan Rally in a couple of weeks, and that they would cheer them on.

Friday was a free day. We all walked to Downtown Disney and had lunch then went shopping. Father Humberto went along. It was interesting to see him 'off duty'. He is still a kid, and the kids adore him;-) He and Joseph talked music, and when Therese bought a Disney soccer ball, he was kicking it around with them. He hit me in the head, not once but twice. The second time, when I turned around and said, "You again??" he giggled like a 12 year old.

The kids and other chaperones flew back Friday evening, and Josephine and I went out to dinner, then Victor, Andrea and her assistant (can't remember her name) brought some wine to Jo's suite. It was nice to sit, relax and visit. I raised a glass in Denine's honor, since it was her birthday. (See, I remembered)

Saturday morning we got up and went to workshops. Mine was great! I learned so much. I am energized and refreshed, and ready for religious ed. tomorrow. After the workshops, we went shopping in the arena. There were over 700 vendors there. I won't tell you how much I spent....I ended up getting 9 CDs and about 20 books....not to mention a few tee shirts. That doesn't count all the samples I brought home. I am lucky I have an understanding husband, and money to spend;-)

Saturday night was the big concert in the Arena. The band was a w e s o m e. The name of the band is Ceili Rain (of couse it has to have the name RAIN in it, lol) They are incredible. I got a giggle out of watching priests and nuns up and a conga line.
After the concert we went over to the Marriott for a late dinner.

Yesterday, Jo and I were both exausted. We slept in then went back over to the arena to pick up a few last minute things. We flew back home about 2:30.

I can't wait for next year.


Marlene said...

Sounds like tons of fun for all! Well maybe, except the soccer ball in the head twice. lol

Vichy now :) said...

That sounds amazing! I'd love to go to something like that.

Glad you're home safely, and that you had a grand time. :)

Shelly said...

We are already planning our trip for next year, LOL.

Pez said...

Sounds like it was great fun, Shelly. And thank you for toasting me on my birthday. :)