Thursday, April 06, 2006

I've never done the Thursday Thirteeen yet, so here goes:

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about YOUR NAME

1. Shelly is my middle name
2. Shelly, not Shelley
3. My first name is Karen
4. My mother thought I was twins. "We" were going to be Karen Shelly and Shannon Kelly.
5. Shelly is from a surname which was originally derived from a place name meaning "clearing on a bank" in Old English
6. Karen is the Danish form of Katharine, which means pure.
7. I wanted my name to be Michelle, becauseof the beatles song;) I got to choose my granddaughter's middle name. I picked Michelle.
8. I have had lots of nicknames over the years
9. Shellybean
10. Shellbell
11. Sea Shell
12. Shells (in high school mostly)
13. My close friends call me Shell :-)

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Mandi said...

I didnt do my 13 today. But i did post alot of clowns :)

Pez said...

I like Shelly. Both the name and the person!

Fish said...

Hee - Shannon Kelly is married to Mary Lou Retton. And he's nice, btw.

Mandy said...

Welcome to the Thursday 13 club :)
Shelly is a nice name and it's amazing what we can find out about where our names actually derive from.

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