Friday, August 18, 2006

close call

I think I was almost robbed church:/

We were in the parish hall, decorating for the youth group's dinner concert tomorrow night (while the kids practiced)
A few of us women left our purses on one of the tables. We were in and out, and there was always someone sitting at the table.

The Hispanic ministry had some sort of meeting in the room next to where we were, and there were quite a few teenagers there. While we were standing around the table, a particular group of young men came over and started asking questions aout my purse. I have a vintage Louis Vuitton I found for $6 at the Goodwill, LOL. (Best thrift shop score ever)
Anyway, these guys were asking all kinds of questions...whose bag was it, and then they kept asking me how much I paid for it. Finally one of my friends asked them whay they wanted to know, and that it is rude to ask that question. They went outside then. A few minutes later, one of our girls came in from outside and came over to me, telling me to pick up my purse now.

She said she heard them speaking Spanish, saying that maybe they should either come back in and steal the purse, or wait until I left and rob me.

When we finally left, about an hour later....there were the 4 guys who had been asking all the questions, and one of their girlfriends, just standing around outside the door. Thank God Joseph was with me (and that he is a BIG kid), not to mention our youth minister and her kids. They stared me down all the way to my car. I looked them all in the eye, like I was memorizing their faces. I don't know what stopped them, but apparently they decided against robbing me. Joseph and I got in the car and I locked all my doors before we left.

I feel like I dodged a bullet. I am a little shaky, but thankful to God that they didn't try and rob me.

I am also extremely sad that this happened on church property:(


evil said...

Get a full police report now, Shelly! You have someone who can translate Spanish, who heard these punk-ass bitches, nogoodfornothing, pieces of shit! Jesus, this is making me angry. You don't deserve to be robbed, damn it!

I am missing something, here, but I don't understand why the police weren't called. Please elaborate.

We just had our work trailer stolen. Being robbed doesn't feel good. Sonsabithces.

Pez said...

Holy smokes, Shelly! That is frightening. I guess their girlfriend wanted the purse. Maybe you need to think twice about taking it in next time. That is scary!

Kimmer said...

Shelly, that's really scary. I'm glad it was all ok.

Shelly said...

Tonight was the big dinner/concert.
I changed purses to a nondescript black one.

It's pretty sad that I can't take my 6 dollar thrift store find to church for fear of it getting stolen;/
Evil One, they didn't steal it...but the thought that they were planning to REALLY pisses me off.

evil said...

Shelly, I know they didn't steal it, but they may as well have. A bunch of men are asking you questions about your purse. You have several witnesses. You have a woman who heard them making plans. They stood around the door for several hours until you were done. I wish you would have called right away to make a report.

These pieces of shit think they are en-fucking-titled to your belongings. Fuckers. And what will they do to take them?

Now you have to change your behavior and you are afraid to wear your purse. Fuckers.

Really, though, don't stop wearing your purse. I know it's easier said than done when you know some POS was planning on stealing it or actually taking from your person, but you are so happy about your find. Don't let them rob you of that. Fuckers. Pisses me off.