Thursday, August 03, 2006

sweet relief

The mondo heat wave has broken. **Cue choirs of angels singing hallelujah** When Joseph and I left for Pismo last week, it was still well over 100d. By the time we got home Saturday, it was only in the 90s. Now ordinarily, 90 something would be hot, but after 114, 95 is relatively cool;-)

This week we have been in the hi 80s/low 90s. Much better. I can at least function. Now, as soon as my Loratidine kicks in and my eyes lose the swelling, all will be good;-) It has been really hazy/smoky for the past couple of days, and it makes my eyes itch. And....when my eyes itch, I rub them (bad me). Rubbing my eyes makes my bags underneath look like I could pack them for the weekend:/ Duh. Allergies, dummy. Take your Claritin. *sigh*

Chris left Monday. He is at the hotel til tomorrow, then he moves into the rental. I am taking advantage of his absence to declutter the house. Luckily, I can take my time and not try and get it all done in 2 days. Goodwill is going to LOVE me. I amgoing to have a ton of stuff for them. Now, if I can only keep myself from browsing when I drop the donations off. HA.

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