Sunday, December 25, 2005

And To All A Good Night

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas:)

We did. Presents are all opened, trash is bagged up, dinner is now finished, and we are all relaxing.

Joseph was very surprised when *Santa* brought him a new bass guitar & amp. He had no idea. He really wanted an ipod but since they are sold out everywhere, and have been, we decided to get the bass. Now the child has two electric guitars, an acoustic, and acoustic 12 string and now a bass...not to mention 3 amps. My living room really looks like a studio. One of our goals this year is to turn one of the extra bedrooms into a music studio for him...and I will get my living room back, lol.

I really am glad he is a musician. It makes gift buying a lot easier. He also got a new case for one of his acoustics, a new pedal, music stand, and a mic and stand. He also got some clothes & DVDs (Live 8, Cream and Green Day) My sister got him an awesome world history book by National Geographic.

I got Chris a bunch of different tools, clothes and a new DVD player. He's fixing to put Radio on, since he got that in his stocking.

I was spoiled. I got a sewing machine, a cd player for my car, the new Beatles bigraphy, a new Tinkerbell watch, some jewelery and a couple of Nora Roberts books. I am also the owner of a diner.
I have been wanting this ever since we first saw it at the Department 56 store at Downtown Disney. It is SO cool!

Tomorrow we are going up to Oregon to celebrate Christmas and Joseph's birthday (Tuesday) with the in laws. My baby boy is going to be 15 ! *Sniff*


Pez said...

Sounds like a great day, Shelly. That diner is perfect!

Happy birthday to Joseph tomorrow!

Shelly said...

Thanks Denine.

I still can't believe he is going to be 15.

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