Monday, July 10, 2006

almost tuesday

I hate Mondays ;/

Joseph lost the phone....the MetroPCS, which is our house phone. What pisses me off is, he lost it LAST WEEK before we left for our camping trip. I didn't think anything of it when we got back Saturday. I used my cell to make a call, he used his to call Derek & Bridgett. When he didn't take it with us to church yesterday, I wondered why but it still didn't register.

Not until this morning when Chris called my cell did it dawn on me that it might have gone missing. GRRRR. We have torn this house apart today, and it is no where to be found. I guess if it doesn't turn up in the morning (I am talking to St Anthony a LOT ) I will go get another phone:/ The boy will help pay for it, too. He didn't tell us because he thought he would be able to find it >:/

He is restricted from the computer until he can show me he is responsible. Damn, I hate it when he screws up. He is usually such a good kid. *Sigh*

On a good note, yesterday at Youth Group, they were talking about the program for the dinner/concert in August. They are going to open with Tonight, from West Side Story. Among other things, Joseph is going to do a couple of numbers (a solo and something with Derek) and the whole cast is going to do some medleys (Disney songs, favorite church songs) Gerry said last night (while looking at Joseph) that he thinks they should do a medley of Beatles songs :D He wants to do Here Comes The Sun, Here There and Everywhere , and Let It Be to end, but he is going to have Joseph pick out the others. Joseph is jazzed;-)

Chrs leaves tomorrow for Pismo Beach/ Santa Maria for a couple of days. Boo and I are staying home this time. I have a ton of stuff to do around the house. (Including buying a new phone, most likely. *Sigh*)

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Beth said...

I hate when they lose stuff like that. Zach lost my cell at a dance. After much sluething he got it back a week later. Hopefully you will be as lucky!