Saturday, July 15, 2006

it's the weekend! or...dear diary

Yesterday morning I went with Josephine to the ranch. We were taken by a couple of older parish who kept calling us "kids" LOL, it sure felt nice to be called a kid;-) This ranch was bequeathed to the church 15 years ago or so. We want the kids to be able to use it, so we went to check it out. It is very cool. There is a house that Fr Mike uses, then on the other side of the street there is a big shed for storage. There is also a pavilion that was built, and lots of picnic tables. Unfortunately, the one side of the property is weed filled. Star thistles. Have you ever walked through star thistles??? (I didn't realize tht we would be hiking to the pavilion. If I had known, I would have worn jeans and boots, rather than capris and flip flops:/)

Anyway, after they get water to the bathrooms they had built, we should be able to get the kids up there for a retreat. We're hoping we can at least take them up in the fall.....there are lots of walnut trees. We can pick walnuts:-)

I went over to Casey's for the evening. We went out to eat then did some shopping. We got back to her house and had a nice talk. There are few people I can talk to like I can Casey. There may be a huge gap in our ages, but she is one of the oldest souls I know.

Tonight was a special night. We went to Scott and Corinne's house for a bbq/pot luck. The coolest thing about the night was the entertainment. John Grassadonia is a long time friend of Corinne. I met him at the L.A. Congress this past year, but didn't know he knew Corinne. We already had one of his CD's (Eleanor got it for Joseph for his Confirmation), and I bought another at Congress. I was so surprised to find out that Corinne knew him! What a small world it really is. She decided to have a dinner and have him perform. He is really inspirational, and quite the singer and guitarist. Joseph went with us, and he really enjoyed talking to John. Oh! Guess what! The police came to the party, LOL. Someone called and complained about noise, so they came to tell us to keep it down. Oh, the memories THAT brought back ;-p