Monday, July 17, 2006

i'm melting

Said in my best Wicked Witch voice.

It is hot. Damn hot. As of 10 PM, it was still 89 degrees. 89! What the hell kind of temperature is that for 10:00 at night? 89 should be the daytime high, not the temp at bedtime:/

I don't know what the high was.....the highest I saw on my homepage on the computer was 107. 107. Feh.

It is supposed to be in the 100s all.freaking.week.

Today was the first day of VBS too. Holy cow, the parish hall was H.O.T. Supposedly, the A/C was turned on, but we could hardly tell. Fr Mike has the temp set at 92 before the A/C kicks on. That is unacceptable. Seriously. someone *supposedly* set it lower, but I don't know how much lower:/ Karla made sure that water was sent to each room so we could keep the kids hydrated. I drank 2 bottles of water and a bottleof tea between 9 am and noon...and I took a box fan into my room to try and at least get the air circulating. Debbie was going to have her parents of preschoolers call Fr Mike to complain, and Karla was planning on reading him the riot act. He would freak if one of the kids got sick from the heat. NO one wants high power bills, but sometimes you just have to suck it up.

Anyway, except for the heat, VBS was fun today. We made Fiesta Picture Frames. (Our theme this year is "Fiesta! Where Kids Get Fired Up About Jesus") Tomorrow I am having the kids paint tee shirts, and Wednesday they will make plaster footprints (Follow in the footprints of Jesus) It is going to be a messy week;-)


Kimmer said...

Hey, we're doing the same VBS next week! I'm in charge of Chadder's Drive In Theater (really glad I didn't volunteer for crafts, eek!)

That heat does sound downright dangerous--if you have kids involved, you can't take chances

Pez said...

I saw lots of people around yesterday wearing Fiesta-themed VBS shirts.

And OMGoodness that is way too hot, Shelly. I hope it is cooler today.

Beth said...

We had Fiesta VBS last week. The kids loved it. Chadder had a western theme though.

I hope it's much cooler today.

Pley said...

I can't believe the a/c isn't crankin' away with the temps as high as they are - that's outrageous.

Today my car's thermometer said 101*. Yikes. I don't think I'll ever understand why my ancestors chose Houston ... a/c didn't exist when they got here. :P

Anonymous said...

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