Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Its been a busy few days!

Chris got home on Thursday......he did get to relax for a day or so. Saturday morning we dropped Joseph off at Pena Adobe park for his walk a thon for the March of Dimes. I 'really' believe in that cause........since Kaya was only 1lb 13 oz when she was born. March of Dimes does good work:)

After we picked him up (and dropped Adam off at home) we went to Stockton for the Aparagus Festival.....CROWDED!!!! I didn't get to have any frioed asparagus though:( It was SO crowded that there was a one HOUR wait for the fried asparagus. I did get some asparagus pasta though.....and an asparagarita;)

Sunday morning we went to Petaluma for the antique fair I don't usually buy too much there......but I did find another vintage tablecloth for $15! Score! Most booths had them for $45 and up. I also got some (mismatched) vintage napkins.

We took Chris to the airport early yesterday morning for his return trip to Illinois. I think he really gets to come home next week! Roby needs him at the refinery for a shut down there. Next month he heads to Texas for a few days. I'm still thinking about going with......there are lots of people in Texas I would love to meet:)

Last night was GREAT!! I got to meet Kris and Bert! They are in Sacramento for a few days on the way home from their European trip. Seeing Kris in person was like old home week. You would not think we had never actually met before. It was like seeing a long lost friend. I am so thankful for that opportunity. She is exactly how she is on the forum....and Bert is a terrific man. I am so glad they found each other. I also got to meet Jill, and we got along well. I think I could *hang* with her, lol. She is funny and intelligent and kind. Deb (Maidy), her hubby and their 2 girls were there too. Deb is the sweetest person known to man, I think. Her girls are just adorable, and her husband is really nice. Joseph talked with him quite a bit.

I just wish I could meet *everyone* from the forums I want to meet, LOL. I am really hoping I get to meet Denine this weekend when I go to Seattle!

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