Wednesday, April 21, 2004

What kind of drugs do they put in the food prepared at Pampered Chef parties? Really, I need to know. There is no other reason I would have ordered $90 worth of stuff last night. They make everything sound *so* good. I didn't even order any big stuff! I think the most I spent on any one item was 11 or 12 dollars. *sigh* God knows, I have no idea how I have lived lo these many years without an avocado peeler! I won't have to suffer for long though, since I ordered one. I saw more in the catalogue that I want, too. Luckily Terri is going to have a party, so I can spend more money;/

Chris called this morning......he is coming home tomorrow, but just for the weekend. Should I get my honey do list out, or give him a break.........hmm....what to do, what to do......

He'll probably get a break, just because I have lots planned for the weekend already. He had better rest tomorrow and Friday;) Saturday morning Joseph walks in the March of Dimes walk, then we are meeting Sheri & Joel at the Asparagus Festival. You haven't lived until you have had deep fried asparagus....with an asparagus margarita to wash them down......yum:-)

Sunday is the antique fair in Petaluma.......

Next week I should be meeting Kris.....its excited I am! weekend is my Seattle trip (Joseph will be staying with Grandma and Grandpa since Dad will be back in Ill.....) where I will hopefully meet Denine!

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