Friday, April 02, 2004

*Big sigh of relief*

Confirmation went very well. Joseph looked very handsome with his shirt & tie. Everyone looked so grown up. I was proud of *all* my kids. I have taught some of them since they were in second grade. Roy & Eleanor came up (Eleanor was his sponsor), and Sheri, Joel, Jeff, Lyndsey and baby Lexie came too. The church was crowded. A couple of the kids got me cards and thank you gifts . According to Danielle, I totally rock;-) Joseph got a new Bible from Grandma, along with a CD of 'Christian rock'. I don't know how much he will listen to that, but it was nice of her to get it. He got a cool necklace and a manly bracelet, as well as some other really cool stuff. He said he is going to continue going to youth group...even though he technically doesn't have to anymore. I'm glad he likes it though=) (Besides....he's in the choir now, so he has practice before mass on Sunday afternoon)

Yesterday we just relaxed most of the day, and watched Survivor at night. I got a giggle from Boston Rob's 'godfather' B.S. "You take care of Amber, I'll take care of you' HAHAHAHA He sure thinks he is something, lol. What a jerk;p

We finally got a case for Joseph's acoustic. I feel a lot better about him taking it out now.

To do tomorrow: Buy thank you cards....and have Joseph send them to those who came to Confirmation.

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