Sunday, April 18, 2004

Its been raining off and on all weekend. I wanted to get some stuff done in the yard, but couldn't:/ Oh well, maybe this week.

Joseph and I went to Petaluma yesterday. The weather was gorgeous over there, lol. We went to one of MoveOn's "Bake back the White House" sales. Cookies for a cause....gotta like that:) I looked in a couple of antique shops to get an idea of just how good a buy my tablecloths were in Illinois. They were a damn good buy. The cheapest tablecloth I saw was $65. Quite a bit more than the $15 and $23 I paid for the ones I got. I wonder if I can get Chris to go to an antique store and get me a couple more? He knows what I like and collect.....

Today was a lazy day. I just didn't give a shit because of the weather. I got some laundry done, went to Target (Easter stuff was 90% off) then took Joseph to youth group and ran to K Mart. The teen choir sounded really good at Mass tonight. I'm glad Joseph wants to stay in it. He enjoys the whole thing.

Next Saturday the kids are participating in the Walk America for the March of Dimes. He has to hit up some people this week to sponsor him.

I'm off to take some allergy meds. My eyes are itching like crazy tonight:/

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