Monday, September 19, 2005

MIL has congestive heart failure.

She has been taking care of FIL the past couple of years, since he had his first stroke, and hasn't been taking care of herself.

Her condition has deteriorated to the point that she is not strong enough for needed valve surgery. So...Chris will soon be driving them both up to Oregon where BIL and his wife live. They have a house directly round the corner from theirs, so they will be able to take care of both MIL & FIL (Both BIL and SIL are family nurse practitioners) We have been trying for more than a year to get them to move up there, but Eleanor has been resistant so far. She changed her mind last week while BIL was down to visit.

We think she is doing it now so Steve and Roberta will be there to take care of Roy when she dies. Right now, the house Steve & Roberta owns is occupied, so until the tenant moves out, R&E will be staying either with Steve & Roberta, or in a small apt.

MIL is not strong enough to pack much of anything (she gets winded walking across the room now...)

When we find out when Chris will be taking them, MIL will just pack some of their clothes and meds. Joseph and I will go down then and pack the rest of their house up. Chris will come back, get a U Haul and take what they need/want back up, and we will either donate the rest or have a yard sale.

*Sigh* Sometimes being a grown up is hard.

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