Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Today was the first day of CCD for the year. I'm teaching 6th grade again. At least I know what I'm in for. I am thrilled...I only have nine kids in the class this year. I love small classes. I think we can do so much more. It is a more intimate class. Only one girl seemed hesitant, but when she discovered we aren't going to read the whole bible (6th grade is Bible stories/study), she felt a lot better. This is a quiet class. Of course, its only the first week, so maybe they will come out of their shells as the year goes on. I hope so.

Did you all watch Dancing With The Stars dance off? Did you vote for John O'Hurley??

I have such a crush on him;-) I could have seen him in Tahoe that night, if only I had gone to eat with Steve and Casey:/ I voted on line, and then called. Joseph wanted me to vote for the girl (he doesn't even know her name). I vote for her for the least dressed;-)

I clicked back and forth between Dancing With The Stars and Big Brother....even though I never got into BB this season as much as I did before. I just didn't like anyone one there. (especially Janelle. Yuck)


The Vichy said...

John O'Hurley has the most beautiful hair of any man I've ever seen.

Pez said...

"I vote for her for the least dressed;-)
" I LMAO at that