Sunday, September 04, 2005

We have a new associate pastor. I was EM tonight, so I was in the sacristy when he came in. He is a baby! I am officially old....when the priest is young enough to be my child, LOL. Fr. Humberto is from Puerto Rico, and is a very nice boy. He messed up a couple of times during mass....this was his first mass in English, and he would blush and smile. He is going to be popular with the girls, I can tell.

He wants to get involved with the youth group...which is good, since he looks like he belongs in the youth group;-)

We spoke after mass, and I introduced him to Joseph. He said he plays guitar too. He asked Joseph if he plays any Metallica songs....that is what HE plays. LOL....we now have a young, Metallica playing priest;-)


Kimmer said...

"we now have a young, Metallica playing priest"

He's going to be VERY popular with the girls! ;D

Pez said...

LOL at Fr. Humberto playing Metallica!

Isn't it weird when first the priests are the same age then are younger than you?