Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Wednesday Already?

And why is it called hump day? Do people have more sex on Wednesdays? (Ok, I really do know why its called that)

I am suffering from forum frustration. What used to be my home forum has become some alien place. There is a moratorium on any political talk....or anything that might become political. Seems some people can't take it. I guess there are too many F bombs (not MY word) being dropped for the more prudent among us. It sure isn't me. I swear like a sailor;-) Besides that, people are being meen. Sorry, but grow the fuck up already. (OMG I JUST DROPPED AN F BOMB) I say, if you don't like to debate, then don't by all means. If you don't want to get involved in a political discussion, then don't.

Luckily, I can say whatever I want here. My blog, my rules. I can say I think GWB is the biggest failure we have ever had as a president. I can say I hate him and I think he (along with Cheney) are 2 of the biggest evil assholes around. I can say I think he has fucked up beyond repair. I can also say that I can't believe there is still anyone around who honestly can still support him. I know there are...I see them every day here in vodkaville. I can also say I don't know how they can see with their head so far up their ass.

I wonder how long the fucked up rule will be in effect at that forum. *Sigh*

Poor Chris. Its almost 10 pm and he is still at work. He left at 6 this morning. No telling when he will get home. Apparently there is some kind of emergency. I haven't talked to him...Joseph did. I hope he gets home soon, so he can get some rest.


Pez said...

Can I use the F word here too? SAHP is fucked up. I don't want to go back there. Barb is nuts if she thinks her forum will survive with sunshine and rainbows only.

Kimmer said...

Holy cow, I haven't been to SAHP in ages, for no particular reason, but that sounds terrible. Now I have to go check it out!

The Vichy said...

I too miss SAHP and they way things used to be. As for the political talk, the forum could easily implement the same practice people use when they come across a TV program they don't want to watch:

Don't watch.

Wow, that was simple.