Saturday, May 20, 2006

happy birthday kaya michelle

Happy Birthday, Peanut.

You are 7 years old today. What a big girl! I hope you are having a wonderful birthday, wherever you are. It is another birthday that we are missing. Nana, Papa and Uncle Joe miss you a whole lot, and we love even you more. I am broken hearted that it has been so long since we have seen you. Since your mommy took you away, we don't even know where you sre, or if you are safe and healthy:*( I sure hope you are doing ok. Has your hair grown? It was starting to grow when you were last with us. Have you gained some weight?

It sure is hard today, Peanut. Papa and I went shopping, and I saw so much stuff that made me think of you. I wish with all my heart that I was buying a birthday cake for you, and lots of presents for you to open. Most of all, I just wish your mommy would bring you back to us, or at least let us know you are alright. I worry about you every day. We love you more than anything sweetheart.

Remember the doll you wanted for Christmas when you were with us? I stll have it in your bedroom, along with some other gifts.

Always remember how much we love you, Kaya Michelle.

With all our love,
Nana, Papa and Uncle Joe
(Those hugs and kisses will have to do until I can give them to you personally again)


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Pez said...

Happy birthday to Kaya.

Huge {{hugs}} to you, Shelly.

Anonymous said...

Shelly, I just found your blog, and this entry... I think about Kaya (and you) often.

I will keep you all in my prayers...

~Alexis (creativealex)