Friday, May 19, 2006


Chris called and talked to his Dad today. Roy is doing a lot better. Those antibiotics work fast! He may get to go home Sunday. He wants to leave tomorrow, but I don't know if they'll let him out that soon.

He also talked to Eleanor. She said that the doctors told her that if she had waited a half hour more, that Roy would have been in big trouble. Thank God she got him in when she did. He is definitely a tough old bird.

We got a little bit of rain today. Just enough to water the garden and lawn;) It smells so good outside after the rain.

Dinner tonight was too good. Pizza and beer. Yum!

Oh! Joseph has decided what he is going to sing on Sunday at youth group for the parents... One, by U2. He sang it for Jo and the girls yesterday, and they loved it. He really sounds good:)

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Pez said...

I am glad to hear that Roy is doing better, Shelly.

How cool is it that Joseph will sing at youth group?! Good for him!