Wednesday, May 31, 2006

a rose is a rose

My two loves....Disneyland and roses. Together;-)

I finally got my Disneyland rose. We went to Oregon this past weekend to see Roy and Eleanor (and Steve, Roberta, et al) Saturday we went out to breakfast with R & E, then did some shopping, before meeting Steve and Roberta at Roy's for dinner. We went to the Jackson & Perkins store (Harry & David) They were having a rose sale. I got my Disneyland rose for $10! W00t. Color me happy:) I think this makes close to 20 rosebushes now.

It was good to see everyone this weekend. Both Roy and Eleanor seem to be going downhill though:( Roy is back to using his walker, and Eleanor just seems weak and tired. I think we need to make a concerted effort to get up there more often this summer.

Sunday morning before we left, we stopped at Elycia and Dan's for a few minutes before we went to Steve's. I finally got to hold Gabriel. What a cutie he is. (He's our newest grandnephew) He's 6 months old now. I was sick the last time we were there so I didn't get to see him... I got baby snuggles this time though. *sigh* It's a good thing this baby factory is out of business. Holding Gabe gave me baby lust;-)

Still nothing on the Santa Maria job front. The guy down there really wants Chris and is willing to do a temporary thing. It's back in MK's court now. Chris told them about my concerns about Kaya, and why we can't/won't sell this house and move permanently. Right now they are doing the budget at work, so all energies are on that.....*Sigh*
This waiting is slowly driving me crazy.


Robin said...

LOVE that rose. I will need to look for those. It blooms in all those colors? Gotta have it.

Shelly said...

You need that rose for your new house:-)

Pez said...

The Disneyland Rose is gorgeous, Shelly!

Robin said...

After looking around that website I think I need alot of roses for the house :)