Tuesday, May 02, 2006

cute, cute

So, Sunday we went to Petaluma to the antiques fair. I got a few cute things, including the coolest skirt ever. This lady makes clothes for kids from vintage table cloths, and she has made some women's skirts. I bought the first one on this page:

I don't know if you can tell from the picture, but it is a print of Adam and Eve. SO cool! After looking at the web page, I'm glad I got it there, lol. She sold them at wholesale prices. $54 was a lot better than $90! I love the skirt, but I won't be wearing it to church;-)


Pez said...

Very cute skirt!

Why not wear it to church? ;)

Robin said...

Those are some cute skirts. Love the idea.
I'm with Pez, wear it to church ;)

Shelly said...

I may wear it sometime, if I'm feeling *really* brave.

I definitely won't wear it if I am going to be an E.M though;-)

Marlene said...

Those are cute! I love the dogwood skirt. I couldn't see the pattern on the one you bought, that is cool.