Wednesday, October 26, 2005

As of yesterday, the US military death toll in the Iraqi war hit 2,000 :*( today it hit 2001. That doesn't even count the thousands of Iraqis, women and children.
2000 is a hell of a milestone, and one I'm afraid will go much higher.

There were candlelight vigils all across the country tonight

I was going to go, and found a couple within a half our or so of home ( although there were none here...) but by the time I got dinner finished and everything cleaned up, it was too late to go anywhere. So...Joseph and I held our own. We lit candles and stood in the front yard. Small and insignificant though it may have been, I felt we were lighting candles in the darkness...and it at least made me feel I was doing something. We had the boom box playing Imagine and Give Peace a Chance.

Smile for the day:
We went to Target today to get Halloween candy . Tonight when Chris got home, both Joseph and I were teasing him, so Chris asked if we had bought an attitude while we were shopping. Joseph said,"Yeah, Target had some on clearance, so we got a whole bunch"

My son the smart ass;-)


Pez said...

I am surprised there was no vigils close to home. You'd think there would be since it is home of Cindy Sheehan.

That 2001 number is horrifying. And really it does not count those who did not actually die on Iraqi soil, does it? Like those who were airlifted to other countries for treatment but died anyway.

Shelly said...

I don't know if it counts those deaths.

I wonder just how high the death toll will end up?


Pez said...

It is scary to think of how high it might go. :(