Friday, October 07, 2005


Well, I finally just took my video camera up to Jo's so she could review and edit the film the kids made the other day.

First, Alyssa called and told Joseph they couldn't edit it (WTF?) so they are going to have to do something else tomorrow. She had an idea of a skit similar to Punk'd, called blessed, or something like that. Only problem is....the rally starts at 8 AM tomorrow morning...and how the hell are they going to practice? Joseph suggested they just do a couple of the songs they do so well, and she poo pooed that idea, saying "all the kids that are going need to participate." Hello?!?! All the kids that are going are in choir, so it would be no problem. If John and Joeph took their guitars, they could play while the others sing...

But wait, there's more!

Jo called later. She said that she didn't see anything wrong with the video, and didn't know why we couldn't use it, but that Alyssa didn't like it, therefore it won't be used. Again, she is letting her daughter run the whole show. I wish Jo would be the mother,and quit letting Alyssa run over her and everyone else:/ There are going to be some pissed off people tomorrow if the only reason they don't use the video is that princess isn't happy with it:/

I will be glad when this rally is over with. I was really looking forward to it. Now, not so much.

And she wonders why we are havig a hard time keeping yg members?

I'm glad I'm not the leader.

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