Sunday, October 16, 2005

Youth group had the first donut sale of the year. We got to the church at 7 a.m., and had to wait almost 30 minutes for Jo to show up! I have a key to her office but couldn't get into the hall to get to her office:/ A couple of the kids showed up about 10 minutes after we did so we just waited. Joseph called Jo ( I was afraid she had forgotten!) and she said their gazebo blew over last night in the windstorm, and they had to put it back up.

Anyway, they all got there about 7:30, and Flo showed up with the donuts soon after. It was a busy morning. After paying for the donuts, we cleared almost $300, so it was a good day....and we ran out of donuts. That has never happened before. Those kids work their butts off. We got finished cleaning up about noon.

Joseph went over to Derek's afterwards, and Chris and I went out to lunch and to do a little shopping. We got Joseph a new pair of Vans (19.99), I got a pair of Emu boots (19.99) and Chris got some fake Birkenstoks for $8.00!

After we got home, I changed and left for youth group. we critiqued last weeks rally and talked about the LA trip, and another big rally we have in April. Chris did a little work around the house then he met me for Mass at 5:30. He left right after Mass to put the water on for tortellini. OMG, Costco has the BEST tortellini! Dinner was the aforementioned tortellini, a salad, garlic bread and black olives. It was oh so good;-)

That was my Sunday in a nutshell;-)


Kimmer said...

That sounds like a very good Sunday! Sucks about the ILs moving situation, though.

Shelly said...

I hope they can find somewhing soon...before the weather gets too bad.

The Vichy said...

Yummm, donuts.