Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The kids at youth group are working on a skit for the big rally on Saturday.

Yesterday we spent 3 hours at the hall filming. I took the new video camera and let Heidi use it. I figured, she knows more about filming than I do, lol. I stayed out of it because it is the kids thing, but oh boy;-) I was getting a giggle out of Alyssa taking over and giving direction. Quite a bit of , ahem, 'creative differences' going on. I think they spent half of the 3 hours arguing;-)

When Joseph and Derek were finished with their part, they went outside. After a while, they got bored (Derek especially....that kid gets bored so fast, lol) First, Derek called my cell to ask for Joseph (who was sitting next to him), then they decided to call Alyssa and ask when it would be over. She didn't like that, so she hung up on Derek. He called her back. She hung up, and so on. I don't know why she didn't turn her phone off, but that isn't the point, really.

~A little backstory on Miss Alyssa.....I love her dearly. She is a funny kid, but she does have a major "my mom is the youth leader, so I should be special and get more privileges" attitude. I know it pisses some of the kids off, because they come complain to me:/ She also can be rude. Very rude...both to kids and adults. I guess because she talks to her mom the way she does (like she is the adult and mom is the child) she thinks it is acceptable to speak to others that way.~

Anyway, back to yesterday. apparently, the last time the hang up happened, she had been yelling at the boys for calling and bugging her and Derek told her that she was being a bitch. (which was true, lol) Now, instead of telling Derek to STFU or whatever (she is 17....they are 14) She marches over to where the adults were, and tells John and me "You need to talk to those boys, they are being disrespectful and calling obscenities. You need to punish them" Excuse me? A 17 year old doesn't tell an adult what they 'need' to do, or how to (or whether to) punish their kid:/ John went out to talk to the boys. He told them it wasn't appropriate behaviour and left it at that. I don't think Miss Alyssa thought that was enough, so she became just what Derek called her;-)

When we were getting ready to go, after cleaning/sweeping the hall, she gave me a horrid , hard look and said "We have to get out of here now. We have to hurry up. NOW" Now remember, she is 17. I am...older than 17. Much older. I just raised my eyebrow at her and continued what I was doing. If the girl wants bitch lessons, I can give them to her, LOL. I have had much more practice than she has;-)

As we were leaving the building, she reaches over to take the camera. She said "I'll take this home and my cousin can come over and edit it" Excuse me?? Sorry, but I am not handing my brand spanking new video camera over to a 17 y/o. First off, Chris would kill me. Second, she didn't ask. She demanded. I held onto the camera and told her we could get together at her house this week with Heidi, who shot the video, to edit.
I think the princess is pissed at me because I didn't acquiesce immediately to her wishes;-P

oh well.


Pez said...

Wow - that kid sounds like a royal bitch! Pity the poor boy who falls for her.

The Vichy said...

I'm with Pez - she does sound like a bitch. Good for you for standing your ground with her - it's amazing how many grownups DON'T.

Gotta admit that your "If the girl wants bitch lessons, I can give them to her" comment made me laugh! I've thought that MANY times over the years. HAHA!

Shelly said...

Her own mom doesn't stand her ground with her, so she is upset when any adult does:/

I liked the "bitch lesson" lol

I found out one of the other girls there told her not to be such a baby. That pissed her off even more;-)

Marlene said...

Wow! What a B!