Saturday, October 15, 2005

Back To Square One

Well, the in laws made an offer on a place in Oregon, near Steve and Roberta. It sounded a Senior Park, only 5 minutes from Steve's house. What is it that is said about "too good to be true"? They got the inspection report back, and the place is a piece of shit. There is all kinds of stuff wrong, so they withdrew their offer:(

I don't know when the hell the move is going to happen now. There are a couple of other places they looked at, so their Oregon realtor is going to check them out. Will we have to take them back up for another look? Probably. Oh what fun. Not.

Chris has already told them that he will NOT drive a U Haul over the summit in the snow. *I* think they should just move up and find a place to rent, if they can't find the perfect place to buy yet. I am getting frustrated, and I know I shouldn't. BUT....we are basically putting all our plans (including a Disneyland trip) on hold until we find out when they are going to need us:/


Most Evil of Evil said...

Well, I am feeling irritated for you, as irritation seems to be one of my favorite emotions/feelings, heh.

Were they considering moving to California, but now they are moving near other relatives?

Pez said...

Oh that sucks, Shelly. :(

Shelly said...

Amy, they are moving to Oregon to be near Chris' brother, who is a FNP. He will be able to take care of them:( They currently live about 3 hours from us,which is too far in an emergency:/

Thanks Denine. It does suck:(