Thursday, October 06, 2005

Just Breathe

So the big youth rally is Saturday. We film the skit the kids decided on, but there is NO ONE to edit it, and no one who knows what the hell to do now:/ I get an email tonight from the youth minister asking if the tv plug on the video camera is compatible with an LCD projector, because she JUST called the rally organiser TONIGHT and found out there will most likely not be a television there. Great planning:/

Soooooo, tomorrow morning I have to take the camera with all the cords to Best Buy and ask them. If it will work, I drop the camera off at Jo's so she can edit the film. If it won't work...well, I asked her if there is a back up plan. I guess the kids could do a live version of the skit, or maybe just sing a couple of songs. either way, it looks like my Friday will be spent either helping edit, or being at a rehearsal for a skit/song.

Then there is the saga of moving the inlaws to Oregon. After too many phone calls, I think we have it figured out. Chris will go down early Saturday morning, pick Roy & Eleanor up and drive them to Willows (about half way between here and Oregon) Steve and Roberta will meet him there and take R&E the rest of the way. They will stay for a week, looking for a place, and buying it outright if they find one. Either we reverse the process next saturday, or they may possibly just stay then. In any case, soon after that (probably the week after) Joseph and I will go spend a week in Santa Cruz to get their house all packed up, packing what they have marked and getting rid of the rest. Then Chris will rent a U Haul and we move their stuff up to Oregon. Oh what fun. Not.

The only thing keeping me semi sane through all this is the promise of Paul next month. Twice.

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Marlene said...

Sounds like too much stress to me! Just Breathe is a perfect title!